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Types of AA
-OGSSAA (ordered grid supersampling AA)
-SGSSAA (sparse grid supersampling AA)
-MSAA (multisampling AA)
-HSAA (hybridsampling AA, MSAA + SSAA)
-SRAA (subpixel reconstruction AA, the soon to be nvidia equivalent of mlaa)

-TRAA (transparency multisampling AA)
-TRAA (transparency supersampling AA)
-CSAA (coverage sampling AA)

Grid patterns
-OG (ordered grid)
-RG (rotated grid)
-JG (jittered grid)
-SG (sparse grid)

Custom filters
-QSAA (quincunx sampling AA)

Other abbreviations you should know
-AC (application controlled)
-OA (override the application)
-EA (enhance the application)
-GC (gamma correction)
-FXAA (unknown form of AA nvidia is working on)

These terms can be combined.