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EVE Online: Incursion

With hex code 0xF0000045 it works with AA off in-game even with HDR and bloom on as long as shader quality is set to low.  It does not blur text/hud.  If shader quality is set to high it does not work, period.  I have tried a variety of comp. flags and none of them seem to work with shaders on high. 

It works, if you use it in combo with the in-game AA.  Even with high shaders + HDR.  Problem is it's blurry as fuck no matter what you do.  With override the application, 4xMSAA in the control panel, 0xF0000045, and MSAA off in-game it won't work.  Only with in-game AA.

Regardless of which method you use any time you "enhance" the in-game AA by adding SSAA it works with any settings but causes blurring.

Anytime you turn off in game AA and force it through the drivers it only works if shaders are set to low.  It doesn't care about HDR or any other settings so long as you use an HDR comp. bit flag.

"override" the in-game AA with your own through the drivers while leaving AA in the game on for some reason has the same effect as enhance.  The drivers don't seem to disable in-game AA, you have to do it manually.

In-game MSAA
Works just fine.  Problem is it doesn't get rid of all the shader aliasing that eve's graphics engine is famous for.

The game still looks good with shaders on low but since low shaders don't generate shader aliasing that requires SSAA to get rid of, the in-game MSAA is enough.  Which totally defeats the purpose of forcing SSAA through the drivers.  And the only way to get SSAA working with high shaders it to "enhance" the in-game AA with SSAA, which causes blurring.

I don't care what method, I just want SSAA with HDR + high shaders without a blurry UI/text.  Try with depth testing off maybe?  If I could find a hex code that allows me to FORCE SSAA with HDR+shaders without blurring anything I would be in heaven.  But nothing I have tried allows me to force SSAA with high shaders, 0xF0000045 already fixes the other two problems (HDR and blurring).

The tyrannis eve client didn't have this "high shaders and forced SSAA don't work together" problem so they must have changed something.


The in-game AA is terrible.  Almost useless.  Your gun and a few other objects are all that seem to be effectively AAed.  Everything else has enormous amounts of aliasing even with 16xQAA (8xMSAA + 8xCSAA).  I noticed two other things that were odd. 

First of all the effectiveness of the in-game AA varies a lot based on environment.  In dark maps it's actually quite good, producing perfectly smooth lines on a lot of stuff.  In bright maps (like desert maps) on the other hand it seems to do literally nothing.  Even your gun will have lots of aliasing with 16xQAA.  And average map work as I described above.

Secondly distance seems to play a factor.  Those objects that it does AA very well on only seem to be effected when they are close to you.

This looks like a job for...forced SSAA!

A quick search on the internet reveals that your only hope of forcing SSAA in this game is with SGSSAA (I haven't actually tested OGSSAA yet but SGSSAA would be better anyways).  And that SGSSAA can only be forced in d3d10/10.1/11 with a 400 series card or higher.  If you have a 200 series card or earlier you can still use SGSSAA but only with d3d9.  Luckily BFBC2 has a settings.ini file where you can modify which codepath the graphics engine takes, d3d9/10/10.1/11.  MSAA only works in d3d10/10.1/11 mode.  So when you force the game to run in d3d9 the in-game (and driver level) MSAA will no longer work but in exchange you can now force SGSSAA through the drivers.

Another quick search revealed the correct AA comp. bits.  0x004030C1

That code will only work with d3d9.  So you turn off the in-game MSAA, find settings.ini in /my document and change DXMode to 9, punch that hex code into nvidia inspector AA comp. bits, and override the application with MSAA + SGSSAA (make sure they are the same level).  As long as you use that code it will work and it won't blur.  Why do you have to enable both MSAA and SGSSAA in the drivers?  Because even though the MSAA won't work in d3d9 SGSSAA is technically an enhancement for MSAA originally meant to be used for TRSSAA (transparency supersampling).  It won't work without msaa.  The MSAA provides the sample locations to SGSSAA even if it doesn't work.

If you have a 400 series card or higher and you want to force SGSSAA on in d3d10/10.1/11 mode you need to "enhance" the in-game MSAA with SGSSAA, no special flags are needed for this.  It will not blur anything.

Now on to the actual effectiveness.  It is miles better than the in-game AA, especially in desert maps, however I still ran into that "distance problem" I mentioned above.  Everything past a certain distance is unaffected (luckily it's a high distance).  Which is odd because SGSSAA is a type of FSAA (fullscene AA), so it should work on everything.  I noticed huge gains in quality going from 2xSGSSAA to 4xSGSSAA and 8xSGSSAA but I could only effectively use 2xSGSSAA because anything higher than that caused me to run out of vdram and my framerate would tank.