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Fentimans curiosity cola:  Very odd/unique taste.  It's micro-brewed like a beer.  You can really taste the ginger.  At first it tastes like a cola, but then the ginger aftertaste hits you and hits you hard.  The taste is so unlike anything I have ever tasted before that I simply cannot describe it.  I personally like the unique aftertaste but many do not, including my relatives.  So I suggest that you try it and find out for yourself.

Mr. Q Cumber:  "A cucumber soda?  That sounds aweful!".  That is probably what you were thinking after looking it up.  This is also what I though.  Why did I buy it then?  Curiosity.  The idea of a cucumber soda is so unique that I just had to try it even if their was a high probability that I would hate it and end up pouring it out.  But I was pleasantly surprised.  It's actually pretty good.  The cucumber smell is very strong but when you drink it it tastes like sprite with a slight cucumber aftertaste, the balance is just perfect.  DON'T BE A PUSSY, JUST TRY IT YOU WUSS! 

Double Cola:  If you like the taste of coca cola you will like this.  It basically tastes like coca cola but stronger.