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General terms
     A type of artifact caused by information from a higher frequency (or infinite) being sampled to generate
     information at a lower frequency.
-AA (anti-aliasing)
     Any software or hardware which reduces aliasing.
-FSAA (fullscene AA)
     Usually refers to SSAA but can sometimes be used to refer to MSAA too because people are stupid like that.

Post-processing AA
-EBAA (edge blur AA)
     Generic term used by some developers used to refer to their post-processing AA since users are too stupid
     to figure out what post processing means.
-MLAA (morphialogical AA)
-DLAA (directionally localized AA)
     The xbox360 equivalent of MLAA, runs on the xenos gpu.
-FXAA (modified post-processing shader implementation of MLAA developed by Timothy Lottes)
-SMAA (modified post-processing shader implementation of MLAA developed by Jorge Jimenez)
-SRAA (subpixel reconstruction AA, yet another custom post-processing shader implementation of MLAA)

Supersampling AA
-SSAA (supersampling AA, both nvidia and ati)
-OGSSAA (ordered grid supersampling AA, nvidia)
-SGSSAA (sparse grid supersampling AA, nvidia)

Multisampling AA
-MSAA (multisampling AA, both nvidia and ati)

-TRAA (transparency AA, can refer to any method of AA designed for transparent textures)
-TRMSAA (transparency multisampling AA, nvidia)
-TRSSAA (transparency supersampling AA, nvidia)
-CSAA (coverage sampling AA, nvidia)
     Increases the number of coverage samples to improve upon the quality of MSAA without increasing the
     number of MSAA samples.
-AAA (adaptive AA, ati equivalent of TRAA)
-TPAA (transparency performance AA, ati outdated)
-TQAA (transparency quality AA, ati outdated)
-EQAA (enhanced quality AA, ati equivalent of CSAA)

Hybridsampling AA
     Combines MSAA and SSAA.
-HSAA (hybridsampling AA, nvidia)

Grid patterns
     Pattern of samples used for MSAA or SSAA
-OG (ordered grid)
-RG (rotated grid)
-JG (jittered grid)
-SG (sparse grid)

Custom filters
     Filters used to resolve/blend the samples for MSAA or SSAA
-QSAA (quincunx sampling AA, nvidia only)
-CFAA (custom filter AA, can refer to any of the next 5, all of which are ati only)
-B (Box filter)
-NT (narrow tent filter)
-WT (wide tent filter)
-ED (edge detect filter)
-TAA (temporal AA, has a 2x and 3x multi)

Other abbreviations
-AC (application controlled)
-OA (override the application)
-EA (enhance the application)
-GC (gamma correction, corrects gamma changes from AA in openGL, nvidia only)

Other things to talk about
-Shaders vs. fixed function
-Object specific implementations
-Hardware level vs. driver level vs. framework level vs. application level
-Deferred rendering

Rules for combining terms
These terms can be combined. The maximum you can have is 5:
-a grid pattern acronym (OG, RG, JG, or SG)
-a resolve filter acronym (CS, CF, NT, WT, ED, or T, if you leave this blank it's implied you're talking about box since that's by far the most common filter)
-an enhancement acyonym (FS, TR, TP, TQ, or A)
-a type acryonym (SS, MS, CS, ED, or HS)
-and of course AA at the end
Although some enhancement acronyms replace the type acronym so it still ends up being 4 (ED or CS replace MS automatically).
For example RGWTAMSAA
rotated grid (grid pattern), wide tent (resolve filter), adaptive (enhancement), multisampling (type), anti-aliasing
You can use fullscene (FS) to indicate that you are not talking about a transparent only method.
Usually you seperate the TRAA component with a + sign, for example:
is acceptable syntax.