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Types of AA
-SSAA (supersampling AA)
-MSAA (multisampling AA)
-MLAA (morphialogical AA)

-AAA (adaptive AA)
-TPAA (transparency performance AA)
-TQAA (transparency quality AA)
-EQAA (enhanced quality AA)

Grid patterns
-OG (ordered grid)
-RG (rotated grid)
-JG (jittered grid)
-SG (sparse grid)

Custom filters
-CFAA (custom filter AA, can refer to any of the next 5)
-B (Box filter)
-NT (narrow tent filter)
-WT (wide tent filter)
-ED (edge detect filter)
-TAA (temporal AA, has a 2x and 3x multi)

Other abbreviations you should know
-AC (application controlled)
-OA (override the application)
-EA (enhance the application)

These terms can be combined.

For example NTAMSAA = narrow tent adaptive multisampling anti-aliasing
Which is multisampling AA with a narrow tent filter and an adaptive component.